Keeping Things Safe In Your Storage

If you are going to be putting your household belongings into a storage unit for a long period of time, then you want to be sure you take extra steps when you are packing everything up so you can count on everything still being in good shape when you pull everything back out of the storage unit. Not taking the proper precautions can lead to broken items, lost items and even melted items. The tips in this article should be followed when you are preparing for a move into the storage unit.

Protect your fabric

One of the things you want to be sure to do is to protect your fabric. This includes your rugs, your clothing, your tapestries, your curtains, and any other fabric that you are going to be putting in the storage unit.

You can purchase storage bags you can vacuum seal with the use of your vacuum cleaner. You can put your fabric items in here and remove all the air to help keep the fabric in great condition. When you seal the bag up for good no more air, bugs, dust or anything else will be able to get inside of the bag with your fabric.

You can also put your fabric into a plastic storage bin. However, if you do this then you may want to take an extra step to make sure no small insects can get inside of the storage bin with your fabrics. The extra step you want to follow will be to use duct tape to secure the area under the lip pf the lid to create an air tight bin.

Protect your pictures and mirrors

There are several ways you can go about protecting your framed pictures and mirrors. One of the ways you can protect them is to wrap each one in sheets of bubble wrap. You can also make it a lot easier to find the picture or mirror you are looking for by taping a printed out picture of each one to the outside of the bubble wrap.

You can also protect the framed pictures and mirrors by putting them between mattresses and couch cushions in the storage unit. Of course, you want to make sure you remember that this is how you have decided to protect them. Otherwise, you can do more harm than good when you start moving things around in the self-storage unit, such as at Coastal Mini Storage.