2 Tips To Protect Your Fabric Couch From Moisture Buildup When In Storage

Making room for a new couch can be difficult if you do not have an empty garage or spare room to place the old one in. Selling or donating the couch may not be an option if you wish to use it again in the future. Therefore, placing it into a storage is often the best idea. However, fabric couches that are placed into storage without any protection will acquire moisture buildup. If gone unnoticed, this moisture can permanently damage your fabric couch. You may experience a color change or worse, mildew. Luckily, there are a few tips that you can use to ensure that your fabric couch is protected while in a storage unit.

Look for a Temperature Regulated Unit

The best way to protect your fabric couch from moisture buildup is to regulate the temperature of the room it is placed in. Units that are too hot or humid will often cause the fabric on the couch to sweat and develop mold. Standard storage units do not offer this option and you will need to look for a climate controlled storage unit. These types of units allow you to adjust the temperature to ensure that it is never too hot, humid or cold. This will help to preserve the health of your fabric couch for the entirety of its stay in a storage unit. If you live in a location that experiences extreme temperature, then a temperature regulated unit will be necessary.

Make Sure that Your Fabric Couch is Dry and Cleaned Before Placing it in Storage

It is rather simple to transport your fabric couch from your home to the storage unit without ensuring that it is properly cleaned or dry. If the couch is not dry before placement in storage, then you will most likely notice mold and mildew damage on your couch in a few months. If your couch is not cleaned before placing it into storage, then this can also result in significant damage. When cleaning your couch, it is important to avoid using a water based cleaner. The moisture is difficult to remove from fabrics and will most likely sit there for months. Instead, look for a solvent based cleaner. The cleaner will dry quickly and will not attract moisture development.

You can still keep your new and old fabric couch in good condition, it will just require some advanced preparation beforehand. Therefore, use these tips to get your fabric couch ready for storage. For more helpful tips on storing furniture and other items, contact East Valley Self Storage.