Pack And Organize Merchandise And Materials From Your Dress Making Shop

If you own a dress making business and need to store finished goods, fabric, and accessories inside of a storage unit for a few months while renovations are made inside of your shop, use the following tips to pack and organize items so that damage does not occur and you can locate specific garments or materials when necessary.

Clear Bags And Carts With Rods

Hang each dress from a hanger and secure all of them inside of clear garment bags. Keep dress sizes separated so that you can easily transfer them all back to their appropriate spots in your shop when renovations are complete. Hang the hangers from each rod that is secured to a cart.

Once all of the carts are filled with goods, push them all out of your shop and up a ramp that is attached to the vehicle that you will be using to transport everything to a storage facility. Upon arrival at the storage facility, wheel the carts to the back of the unit that you have rented and keep them evenly spaced apart so that you can browse items when needed.

Storage Bins With Separate Sections

Purchase large bins that have dividers inside of them or purchase inserts to place in each one in order to create separate storage spaces. Place small items inside of each bin. Before packing the accessories, count how many of each item you have on hand and write it down in a notebook. By keeping track of inventory, you can stay on top of ordering items when they are needed and will know if you have accessories on hand if you have work to complete that requires some of the items that are in storage.

Sealable Bags For Fabrics

Place stacks of folded fabric inside of large, plastic bags. Use a heat sealer to secure the bags so that fabric is not prone being exposed to moisture or is not at risk of falling out of a bag or becoming wrinkled. Label the outside of each bag with the type of fabric and its measurements so that you always have plenty of fabric on hand to fill upcoming orders.

Hold onto the list of the amount of fabric that you have in storage so that you can refer to it without needing to look through the contents of your storage unit. Place the bagged fabric inside of a large bin or lay the bags side by side on each rolling cart's platform.