Doing These Three Things Will Keep Your Personal Belongings Safe During A Move

Moving can be scary and stressful, especially when it comes to knowing how to best handle your personal belongings. You would hate to lose them or have them ruined in the process of moving. Here are three things you should do when it comes to keeping your personal belongings safe during a move.

Purchase Durable Plastic Storage Containers

When it comes to packing supplies, one thing you will not want to go without is durable storage containers. One great thing about these kinds of containers is that they come in a variety of sizes, which makes it easier to pack both your smaller and larger-sized personal belongings. They also come in many colors so that you can keep things better organized. Other advantages durable storage containers have to offer include:

  • The lids are airtight
  • Easy to transport and stack
  • Reusable

With durable plastic storage containers, your personal belongings will be safe from dust, pests, and moisture. Some of them even come with wheels attached for easier portability. For added security, some plastic storage containers come with a zip tie or padlock.

Get Insurance

Before the move, it's best to take out a full value replacement insurance policy. Then, if something gets damaged, you will not have to incur any unexpected out-of-pocket costs to replace the item. If you need to put some of your belongings in storage, don't cancel your homeowners or renters policy before the move. Both policies can offer insurance, even if your personal belongings are stored off-premise.

For added protection, you can also take advantage of the insurance the storage unit company has to offer. When it comes to moving your precious personal belongings, you can never have too much insurance.

Keep Important Documents With You

​Some personal belongings, such as original copies of important documents, are simply irreplaceable. Examples of these types of documents include: 

  • Birth certificate
  • Social security card
  • Marriage license
  • Passport 

Because of the nature of these types of documents, you should keep them with you during the move. This means not stuffing them in an envelope and throwing them into a box that has the potential to get damaged or lost. To keep them extra safe as you move, you may want to put them in a metal box to which you can have easy access. 

By investing in durable storage containers, getting insurance, and keeping important documents with you, your personal belongings will stay safe during your move. You can find out more here.