4 Tips for Storing Your Boat During the Winter

During the winter season, you aren't likely to be using your boat. For this reason, you need to look into boat storage. Boat storage will allow you to store your boat away safely while it's not in use. This way, there is little chance of damages, theft, or vandalism. To do this successfully, you will want to consider the following four tips for storing your boat this winter: 

  1. Consider Dry Storage: There are basically two options for storing your boat—wet storage or dry storage. Of course, you may also store your boat at home, although this is not the safest option. Dry storage would be taking the boat to a storage facility to be stored either inside of a storage unit or above the ground outdoors, which is the cheaper option. Dry storage is best because your boat is much less susceptible to damages. When it's stored on the water, there is a chance of blistering underneath the boat. There is also a high chance of damages due to stormy weather conditions. 
  2. Save Money With Dry Stacking: When choosing a dry storage facility for your boat, consider one that offers dry stacking. This is where your boat will be stored with many other boats that are essentially stacked on top of each other, although they are not going to be touching since each boat will be held up with heavy steel poles. These are intricate systems that are made to keep your boat safe. And since you are storing with a number of different people in one area, the cost for storage is relatively cheaper than paying for your own storage area.
  3. Don't Use Shrink Wrap: When you store your boat, it's best to avoid shrink wrapping it. Your boat has to be completely dry before you use shrink wrap, otherwise, the moisture will build and cause heavy condensation that can cause mold growth and other damages to the boat. 
  4. Consider a Tarp: Although you don't want to use shrink wrap, you will still want to cover your boat. Even though it will be indoors, dirt, dust, and other debris can still make its way inside. This is especially true if your boat is going to be stacked below other boats. You don't really know how clean other people have made their boats before storing them. 

When you consider these four tips for storing your boat during the winter season, you can be sure that you do it in the best way to better protect your boat. For more storage tips, talk to a professional like those at Riverside Marina.